Wholesale & Dropship

Thank you for your interest in our Wholesale and Dropshipping program!

What are the benefits?

1. Lowers costs
If you are a vendor who is interested in large volume sales directly to individual customers and distributors, you will enjoy best value and big discount on AGM RC hobby products and lower transportation costs and other handling fees.

2. No inventory management
There is no such thing as excess inventory and don't have to worry about being left with unsold items or keeping an updated inventory.

3. No minimum order
You don't need to have a lot of cash to get started. You can buy various high qualities no minimum RC hobby products from AGMhobby.com.

4. Convenient
You just need to place the order on AGMhobby.com what your customer has ordered from you, and mark it as a drop shipping order.

Anyhow, the main advantage of drop shipping is the lack of risk. Also, you can extend product line and increase your business by joining AGM dropshipping and wholesale program.

How to join and how dropship works?

dropshipping work

Step 1: Open your account on Agmhobby.com, and contact one of our sales representatives to join in our program. Our salesman will send you the policy, secret price, product pictures and other materials that you may need.

Step 2: Place the items in your website or online sale platform like eBay. And setting your own price and list the products for sale.

Step 3: You need to place the order on Agmhobby.com what your customer has ordered from you, and mark it as a drop shipping order.

Step 4: AGM Hobby will ship the item directly to your customer in your name. Your customers are still satisfied and loyal to you.

How can I get a better price dealing with AGM Hobby?

To find out the discount prices and shipping fee for small orders, please use our calculate system on every product page. Just input the number you want to order and select the destination, then click the calculate button to get the result.

For bulk order, please feel free to call us or email us on sales@agmhobby.com.

We look forward to continued growth and welcome new opportunities to increase sales and expand our regional distribution.